About Us

When selling your domain names, you should always assume that inquiries will arrive from end-users. That's why you need to set a BIN price for your domain name to avoid lowball offers that undervalue the domain. Picking a BIN price for your domains is one of the many challenges domain investors face, and it’s important to do it right. As a domain investor you need  to cover your cost of registering, renewing and acquiring your domain names, plus time you spend to research and promote your assets.
This is why we have developed an AI-powered solution for BIN price estimation.

DNRater aims to save your time and help you pick the best and most accurate BIN price for your domain names based on several data and machine learning algorithms.
DNRater offers also a Bulk Domain Search. Since checking multiple domains one by one can be time consuming. Instead, you can use our Bulk Domain Search to quickly search for the BIN price of multiple domains at once.